July 26, 2016

Agassi Hits Graf With Racquet

In an unfortunate accident, Andre Agassi hit his wife Steffi Graf in the face with his racquet at a fundraiser during the U.S. Clay Court Championships. While rallying with another couple, Graf and Agassi were holding hands. When Agassi swung his racquet at one point, he hit Graf in the face on the follow through. A doctor at the stadium gave her three stitches in her lip which was split but her teeth were not damaged. Graf holds 22 Grand Slam titles while Agassi has eight; both are retired and they have two children.


  1. Beverly says:

    I took pictures that day and documented from the time Agassi and Graf entered the court until both left. It happened so incredibly fast. The other part of the story is why Steffi and Andre went to Clay Court that day. Andre and Steffi raised over $215,000 in less than a half hour for a very needy elementary school in the area. It was a pretty amazing thing to experience. Steffi’s accident was most unfortunate, but make no mistake about their powerful presence. They can light up any sky. And they lit up a bank account for children in school without, among other things, books, computers, printers, and a playground. Agassi and Graf moved a mountain for those children. Agassi is focused and determined to provide a path to make a positive difference in the life of children who may have wound up on the other end of that spectrum. It was a pretty incredible day.

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